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Getting Together or everything that you want to know about online invitation!)

Hello, dear! It's time to write again a great article in English, but later I will put some russian words)
You know, soon I will celebrate my birthday. And... I would like to celebrate it with a my friends and with fun) That's why firstly I decide to invite them with online invitation at Paperless

*The post was published in cooperation with Paperlesspost.com

What’s the best way to organize a party, baby shower or a wedding? 
Now we see each other less and less, even though we live in the same city. We save time and ... Paper! Why sign a postcard, if you can just send an e-mail to your friend?
Its could be pretty and practical, funny and lovely - you could choose by yourself design of your online invitations for friends and family)

Party, Christmas or just holiday..? Why people needs a reason to meet? All that invitations or digital cards created by world-famous designers. Every is so pretty that I can't stop to choose)) 

I find several cool designs. Just take a look!) 

You can change words, color and photo, of course - everything that you want and make your individual invitation. 

Это очень крутой сервис для создания приглашений для любого повода: день рождения, первый зубик, юбилей совместной жизни, Рождество! Вы можете даже сами придумать повод!) Иногда таким поводом собрать всех друзей вместе может быть элементарно выходной!) А самое главное: вам не нужно никуда идти, чтобы отдать свое приглашение. Создайте его и отправьте по почте!

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