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The Best from Stylewe.com

How about burgundy velvet dress for the New Year party?

Hello, my friends! This post I try to write in English - it will help to understand this topic to all my followers. I have a great news for you. This week I start with a new hashtag - #frommetoyou
And I hope I will do it more often - I mean to introduce you great sites with good quality clothes. Stylewe.com - for example. 

I just made a wish-list with all beautiful clothes that I wanted to have in my closet from this site. You could take a look:

Red dress - is always the best choice. And in a New Year party if you will choose it - you will be like a star.

I love the red color in accessories. But sometimes I take a look to the side of big red things. This elegant coat, for example. 

Casual velvet dress is a good choice if you have a dress code on your work place. And also velvet now is full of different meanings. It's retro and it's about strong women with a perfect style. 

This stylish coat - it's about 70th - one of the best period in a fashion, I think. With blue jeans or with midi skirt - in every look it will be great!

Orange coat for a good mood) It's like art about clothes. Perfection!

Maybe you already know about it... But the grey - is always good with every color. It makes every color bright.
This bag - ideal!

Khaki dress. It's a joy to look at dress like this. Very feminine and fashionable. 

Plaid coat with fur collar.
Good for casual autumn looks. This is a dream for me)

I hope, You like my own choice, and if you need more - you can always go to the site - Stylewe.com
Have a wonderful shopping and be always like a super star!

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